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January 8th, 2002

Groan [Jan. 8th, 2002|08:48 am]
Peter Sheil
Albert Einstein married his cousin. He had tried to date
outside his family circle, but he never found any of the
other women appealing--especially in the boob department-that
weren't within his familial group. He postulated that there
is a special attraction to women in one's own family in his
Theory of Relative Titty.
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The Sci/Tech news from the BBC today [Jan. 8th, 2002|10:26 am]
Peter Sheil
You may be sad after the last item.

* Gates aims at your living room *
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates announces new projects designed to turn the
computer into a digital entertainment centre for the home.
Full story:

* Hawking celebrates own brief history *
World famous physicist Stephen Hawking celebrates his 60th birthday on Tuesday
as he and his peers prepare for a birthday symposium.
Full story:

* The lioness and the oryx *
Wildlife experts in Kenya are baffled by a lioness that adopted a baby oryx, a
kind of small antelope typically devoured by big cats.
Full story:
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