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Peter Sheil

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July 10th, 2000

Saturday [Jul. 10th, 2000|09:32 am]
Peter Sheil
We were Morris dancing at Portsmouth - good day with only a little rain for a change. The processional was a pain 'cos out musician only has a recorder, and the next team behind us had a hord of accordians playing for them. i had to get the time for the stepping from other dancers in our side.

Just for a change I wasn't driving 'till Sunday, so alcohol consumption continued all day - hic. Makes life easier to bear sometimes, so they tell me. Mixed results for me.
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Sunday [Jul. 10th, 2000|09:38 am]
Peter Sheil
Peter and Kim have been thirdpersoning Kim's CV ready for her future employer. Both Peter and Kim find that this is very frustrating! Because Kim had already written a good CV it did not need to be past-tensed as well, which was a great benefit in mental energy.

Peter thought that "thirdpersoning" was an example of verbing a noun, but Kim pointed out that it was probably verbing an adjective. Oh English ... how low have we sunk?
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