Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Last night in Cardiff ...

I drove in to the city centre. It should have been an easy journey ... just straight in on the Newport road, turn left just before a pedistrian only road then hunt for one of two car parks there. Well ... I think I got confused and turned left too early :) I ended up driving round in circles for a while ... through an industrial estate that had more speed bumps than flat road and narrow points with no indication who had priority. When I eventually got spat out through a one-way-system I ended up at a large roundabout with strange geometric shapes made out of road signs!! I'll have to go back and get pictures for you all. [Talking to the guys at work they said that it is the "magic roundabout" and that it is one of the places to pick up female company later in the evening. *wink wink* ]

Then I followed signs to a car park and it actually was where it was signed and had spaces :) Only GBP 1.40 for an hour ... very good by London prices, but I think there are cheaper places in Cardiff if you hunt for longer. Since it had taken me about 45 minutes to cover the few miles distance I'd actually travelled I didn't fancy spending more time going around in circles.

The main shoping street was a few minutes walk away (once I'd actually found the right direction to go - 2nd attempt :) ) Now, what were the main events there? Well I was fascinated by some workmen digging up the soil surrounding a large tree leaving it with no visile means of support *shrugs shoulders* there was a sign encouraging Englishmen to stand next to it to watch [no, I'm making that up :) ] but there was no reason for that was there? :)

Then I went shopping. First off was W H Smiths ... hunting for local maps (did I mention I'm a mapaholic), another street map to help me get lost in roads I know the name of and the *big grin* something else ... well actually two somethings. My friend mysticprincess is learning Welsh and I've been setting her puzzles from signs and tourist brouchers. But now I can be so bad :))) I went and bought two copies of the "Highway Code", our government issued booklet of all the laws and regulations for road users. Now I can find obscure traffic regulations in Welsh and leave them for her to try and translate *bounces in anticipation* I just know I'll have to explain the English meanings even when she gets them translated.
*evil evil grin*

After paying I then did the most dangerous part of my trip ... I walked across the pedestrian only area. Now why is that dangerous I hear you ask? Well a refuse collection cart had just passed and decided to reverse into a side alley just after I walked behind it. It was only by leaping clear that I made it to safety and can actually report this to you. It left me slightly shaken.

Next shop was Marks and Spencers. Here I bought some short sleeved work shirts - managed to find some non-iron ones as well so deep joy. With so much time away from home at the moment I do resent the time ironing shirts.

Then it was back to the hotel with my shopping, strip off to cool down a bit and a room service meal (I'd got dressed before it was delivered) some Visual Basic programming to rearrange a directory structure under program control and then bed. My eyes were quite sore - I think 'cos I'd had the air-co. on in the car and it leaves the air dry. They were still sore this morning, but seem to have recovered a bit now.

Right, better get back to work here - got loads to do. Take care and I'll chat some more over the weekend.

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