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Today was a holiday for us Brits so had a reasonably restful day.

Went to lunch with my Mum and sister, then helped move a filing cabinet into the garage. That wasn't too bad - got the 4 draws out and moved it but it took a while to figure out how to get them back in - like some diabolical puzzle you have to do while manipulating a heavy draw fractions of an inch. *grrr* managed it eventually though without getting too stressed.

Did some shopping (milk, fruit juice, washing powder and dish washer rinse aid ... exciting stuff eh?)
Then had fun trying to get a replacement headlamp bulb for the car. It seems to eat them a a rate far to fast to be normal but haven't got around to finding out why. My local Halfords didn't have the right bulb, as I discovered after I bought the one I thought fitted. I ended up buying a bulb kit just so I could get the headlamp bulb. And why do they always make them so fiddley to put in? Maybe I'm just cack-handed :)

Then I took the car to be washed. There is a place just across the road from me where they do a hand wash for £5.00 which is good value for London. After they'd finished I took the car home and put Rainex on the windows - this is great stuff that makes the rain drops run straight off the windscreen and side windows so you hardly ever need to use the wipers. With the amount of time I'm spending on the M4 motorway and the fact that it is one of the worst for spray it will make driving a lot more pleasant.

Since it was looking so sparkly clean and since someone on my friends list had taken a picture of a reflection off of a car (is that proper English?) I thought I'd try taking a few pictures myself. If I get the mundane trivia of organisation I need to do tonight done in time I'll download some later and you can all oh and ah over them.

Right, better get on with things. Got to pack for 4 days away 'cos I may have to stay there even though I'm only planning to be there for one day and to be in London for the other three ... haven't got anywhere booked to stay but I guess that'll get sorted if I have to stay over. So ... packing, ironing 4 shirts, get something to eat tonight, fill up some bottles of water for the journey, put all passes and work documents ready to be picked up. I'll be aiming to leave my flat about 5 AM to be in at work about 8 AM. It's a 155 mile journey and the first bit around the North Circular Road is mostly 40 MPH with many speed cameras you have to slow down for ... erm what I mean is that you have to stay driving slowly for, yes that was it. :)

Oh and one other thing, there was a wonderful rainbow as I was driving back from Cardiff on Friday evening and I just had to take a picture of it.

Oh and one final thing (honesly) I have added pics of us dancing in the dawn on May day and some new skypics - go to my home page to see them. I'm not so impressed with the pics of May day morning myself 'cos the light level was too low and they're blurry but see what you think. :))


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