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Peter Sheil

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25 QUESTIONS MEN WANT TO ASK WOMEN [Apr. 27th, 2003|02:39 pm]
Peter Sheil
Copied from MSN ... enjoy ... peter

Here, revealed for the first time, are those buring questions that men are dying to ask women, but are too embarrassed to admit:

  1. Why do you all wish we were more like Ralph Fiennes?

  2. Do you or don’t you want us to open the door for you? Just let us know, and that's what we'll do.

  3. Why is it you look so cute in pigtails?

  4. Why the fascination with Harrison Ford? He’s old enough to be your father, for God's sake?

  5. When you ask "Does this look okay?" do you want honesty or support? We can do both.

  6. How can you complain endlessly about having "so much work to do" and then find the time to go shopping or talk to someone on the phone for two hours?

  7. Do you ever get tired of watching The Sound of Music?

  8. Why is every anniversary such a big thing to you? I'm not talking about yearly anniversaries, but our first date? Our first kiss? The first time I met your mother?

  9. Do you think I'm better looking than Jamie Theakston?

  10. How can you always remember those little things, like Great-Great Aunt Emma's birthday or the anniversary of Cousin Susie's dog's death?

  11. Why do you always ask us questions when you already know the answers?

  12. How can you always be up for going shopping?

  13. Chest hair — good or bad?

  14. Boxers or briefs? Be honest.

  15. Why do you find it endearing when a guy's in love and won't take no for an answer in the movies, but in real life you call it stalking?

  16. Why is it so easy for you to stop and ask directions?

  17. How do you innately seem to know what can or can’t go in the dryer?

  18. Why do you always complain about your mothers and then end up talking to them for hours upon hours?

  19. Why do you always go to the bathroom in groups?

  20. Facial hair. Good or bad?

  21. Looks or money?

  22. When you ask, “If I died, would you remarry?” what exactly are you looking for?

  23. If I died, would you remarry?

  24. Does your dad like me? No, seriously.

  25. How do you mange to be so cute, charming, silly, frustrating, beautiful, mysterious, complicated, simple and unbelievably interesting? Honestly.


[User Picture]From: goddess_2000
2003-04-27 08:46 am (UTC)

Why do you all wish we were more like Ralph Fiennes?Um, actually I find Joseph far more cuddly.

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From: tir_tinuviel
2003-04-27 02:04 pm (UTC)
1. Who?
2. Opening the door for me, standing when I stand, kissing my hand, pushing in my chair for me, unlocking my car door first, etc, all of these things will earn you BIG brownie points.
3. It's like asking why we have genitals that fit together so well. It's what women do to attract men.
4. Yes, that's part of the attraction.
5. That's useful, we want both.
6. My phone conversations are five mins max, and I don't do the shopping thing unless under extreme duress... besides, I've got too much work to do...
7. Never seen it.
8. Because it is a memory that is precious to us, and we like to think it means something for you too.
9. Who?
10. I have a crap memory, I could forget my own name.
11. To see if you know!
12. I'm not. Ever. Unless it's a prezzie for you.
13. Very very good.
14. Boxers, or you're welcome to waer one of my thongs... :D
15. It's not endearing, he wants a smack in the mouth. Besides, every girl should have a stalker, they are just too damn useful!
16. Because getting lost cuts into drinking time.
17. I have no idea how dryers, or pretty much any other applicances work.
18. Cos mummas are good to talk to. Besides, she buys the beer.
19. Safety in numbers. Besides, if we're really drunk we get stuck and need someone to pull us out!
20. Good, but not a full head beard.
21. Both
22. I wouldn't ask.
23. I wouldn't tell you.
24. Does it matter?
25. Trade secret.
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[User Picture]From: petersheil
2003-04-27 03:14 pm (UTC)


:) I never expected a full response, but interesting to see yours.
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