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Well Friday was a good day. I actually managed to get the release of a new version of a system sorted and onto the user site. This has been dragging on for ages and today was the last day that the guy who had supported it could help me. He is being made redundant so will not be able to help me in future :( The system is "interesting" in that it runs in an environment where it is not easy to reach for day-to-day adjustments. I think if I had to go out to the operational system I'd have to pass training on how to escape from a helecopter underwater - not something that's top of my "things to do" list. Fortunately I can do everything I need to do remotely ... well it looks that way so far.

I was also managing another problem on another user system - this one in London. I think it is in an OK state for what needs to happen at the start of the week and I can do more fixing later in the week once the client has done their payment run.

Now I just have one other client in London with a random "my computer won't let me logon" problem to sort out some time and life will be perfect :) This problem is just getting escalated up the management levels so we have to develop a plan for how we are going to tackle it and spend half our time writing reports about what we are doing ... and why.

The Journey Home
I started back at about 6.15 PM and after filling up with petrol and a chocolate bar I headed for the motorway. The weather had been wet during the day but the clouds were moving away to the east and the sun was shining below the last of the clouds as it headed for the horizon. Some of the clouds looked quite impressive but I decided that trying to take pictures of them whilst I was driving was not a good idea.

As I drove east I caught up with the bad weather - initially just spray off the road then drizzle and finally heavy rain. There were a number of sightings of rainbows, quite bright at times and double at on point, but as the cloud got lower the arc of colour got less and less until it was all gone. I always feel positive after seeing a rainbow - I know it is a simple physical phenomenon but it still has a magic for me. It almost seemed as if I could open the window, reach out and touch it. When I saw the first rainbow I was listening to a Pink Floyd CD up loud. The track matched my mood - comfortably numb - but the flash of colour broke the mood and made me feel human again :)

I had two phone calls during the journey - one from a client and the other from my Mum. Ah the joy of hands-free phone kits - means I can carry on my work and social planning without having to stop driving. Oh and also arrange to take some cushions over for my sister.

Closer to London there was an accident - two fire engines a police car and I think an ambulance came along while I was in the queue. It looked like a car had got squashed between a car transporter and a lorry in the fast lane :( Hope no one was killed. It didn't slow me down too much because it was just after a junction slip road so I went off the motorway then straight back on again and the road was a lot clearer - I don't think people had realised that they could avoid the accident that easily.

The rest of the journey was reasonably uneventful ... there was another accident on the other side of the M25 but everything on my side kept going. I finally got home at about 9.15 - a 3 hour drive.

At Home
Well what a nice surprise. Sitting outside my door was a crumpled air-mail posting bag containing *pause for effect and a trumpet fanfare* two live Journal tee shirts. *does little dance* I've tried to take a picture of me in the black one but i don't think it will be usable. I also took some of it on a hanger which I think will be a bit clearer. I'll try and post one of the pics this weekend so you can see how cool and sexy they look. Are you jealous yet? :) I got a white one as well.

As to my mouse, well there is no sign of it. No dead bodies I can see (or smell) so I hope it's decided that discretion is the better part of valour. I'll set the "traditional" style trap tonight just to prove that there is nothing there ... well I hope that's what it proves. I'll let you know the results tomorrow ... no actually later today :)

I've already done one load of washing tonight and there's just another one to do later today so that's ahead of the game for a change.

My eyes are telling me to stop peering at this screen :) so I'd better stop and go to bed.

All the very best to everyone, peace

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    Nothing great or surprising, just a note to say I'm alive and far more likely to be found on facebook. Peace peter

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