Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

More mouse news

Today was a holiday in the UK so I've had a restful day at home and popped over to see my Mum for a cup of tea. (and to take some pictures of garden flowers and blossom)

Last night the mouse returned :( so today I've bought two different types of traps. One is a pre-baited box they are supposed to die inside - I've put this one down on the kitchen floor. The other is a traditional snap shut trap for backup if the other doesn't work. I was showing the snap shut one to my sister and she was trying it out with a bit of stick - she was quite shocked when the stick was broken by the force of the trap shutting.

Back home I removed the bottom piece of the fitted cupboards and cleaned as much as I could get at - hopefully that alone should discurage the mouse.

Right, off to pack all mouse edible stuff into some plastic boxes I found in the garage.

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