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What I've been doing ...


Up to London to client A
Got introduced to their IT support guy and spent some time with him changing the dial-back phone numbers on our support ids. Made sure he knew where the modem was, and that it was plugged in correctly. Will test when back in Cardiff and have some free time. Chatted with client users and manager and persuaded some of them to sponsor me on the Marathon *yea* Saw a list of future work ... looked long enough to keep us busy for a while, just need to get it requested, estimate how long each change will take and the estimates approved.

Down 3 floors to client B
Used software to "poke" an ISDN modem ... no conclusive results :( The ISDN link to Cardiff didn't work so I need to find out why ... but not today, I ran out of time. Got some of the client users to sponsor me :)

Accross London to Moorfields Eye Hospital (Old Street tube)
I was there in plenty of time so went to the Cafeteria and had baked potatoe with butter and cheese and coleslaw - yummy. went back to the waiting area for my clinic and didn't have to wait for too long. Had a long examination. the guy decided that my right lens needed a slight change so he sent that off somewhere else in the hospital. He then did even more checks, including something that actually pushed against the eye itself to measure the pressure *strange feeling* (pressure is normal). There is some slight more scarring on the cornea and I need to use artificial tear solution to make sure the lenses stay well lubricated. I have to go back again in 6 months.

Went to the pharmacy where there was no queue. This may not seem strange to you, but if you have ever been there you'll know that it is famed (?) for the length of the queue. Ended up spending almost £50 on a 6 month supply of contact lens fluids, still it is cheaper than buying them from a chemist. Went back to the clinic and had to wait a while 'till my right lens came back from being reground - got it fitted and it seemed fine.

As an aside would you believe me if I told you there is a road called "Peerless Street" near the Hospital? I'll take a pic some time :)

Next off on the tube and the Docklands Light Railway to the London Arena to register for the London Marathon. Got my running number 10997, my chip thing you tie to your shoe laces to measure your time round the course and a bag to put cloths in at the start (it "magically" gets to the finish before you do) and arranged that my sister and I can go to the recovery area of Macmillans (the charity I'm running for) and got some iron-on letters to put PETER on my T shirt and I think that's all :)

Back accross London to Bounds Green tube station then my flat, soup, packed, drove down to Southampton, went to Morris practice, danced one dance, got people to promise to sponsor me then went to the pub for one drink. Back to the house then bed.

Up at 5 AM :( on the road about 6 at the office in Cardiff just after 8 - very good considering there were dense fog patches in places. A busy day doing two different things (at the same time) but actually felt that I'd achieved something by the end of the day. Left about 6.30 PM and got back to my flat in London just after 9 PM - I stopped for a meal at a services 'cos I was feeling quite tired ... wonder why?

I've done a load of washing and it's tumbling right now. Eyes feel like I should take them out soon, so I won't stay on-line for too much longer.

Saturday: Organise everything for Sunday, rest, drink plenty of water and eat lots of pasta in the evening.
Sunday: get to start in plenty of time. Run a bit, walk a bit, repeat until either feet get too painful or distance covered is more than 26 miles, collapse, recover a bit, get home, rest.
Monday: rest, get down to Cardiff for the evening with cloths for the week
Tuesday-Thursday:Work, collect sponsorship money, drive to Southampton for Morris practice, collect more sponsor money
Friday: mooch, get back to London

Things to remember
Put petroleum jelly on my eyebrows to keep sweat out of eyes.
Petroleum jelly on all parts that will rub
Sun cream on face, arms, top of head where the hair is migrating south for the summer
... erm ... will think of other things later.

Peace to you all

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