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Hi there

Well the first few days at Cardiff have been going well, if a bit hectic at times :)

Got down there very late ... 11.45 PM in the end. I blame Kat for insisting I go out on saturday night but it was well worth it. The hotel is quite posh! It is in the Best Western chain and is well away from the main road down a narrow twisting little lane ... hmm almost sounds like a scene from a very old Adventure game :) got to sleep quite quickly after discovering that the TV remote control worked randomly and did not let you adjust the volume remotely.

Up in time for breakfast ... cereal, fruit juice, toast, poached eggs, sausages and coffee.
Asked at reception for the TV remote to be replaced. Went to work (1.5 miles door to door) ... got through the security to get into the building ... did work stuff, got frustrated at an ISDN line not working, discovered how to get out of the building. Back at the hotel the TV remote had been replaced, but still did not change the volume *grrr* Went to restaurant and had the cheaper menu (£18) rather than the more expensive (£28). Will probably try the "room service" menu in the lounge instead next time. Borrowed an iron from the hotel - it has a timer on it which I only discovered after trying to iron with a cold iron *durrrhh*

Skipped breakfast - sleep was much more appealing :) Told reception that the TV remote control still didn't work.
Did work stuff ... ISDN line still not working but proved that the problem was neither our ISDN line nor the PC I was using so it's someone else's problem (except of course I have to get the whole thing working). Had a group motivational meeting ... we have to reduce costs by 20%, do 10% more work, expect no more pay and make the clients love us. Hmmm must look up "motivate" to see if there is a second meaning of which I know not. Did more work stuff. Left reasonably promptly 'cos we were having an after work drink ... discovered that it was within walking distance from our hotel so Kevin and I did just that. Went to a strange pub ... hand pull pumps at the bar but no hand pull beer!!! I settled for bottled Newcastle Brown and had a pleasant evening telling local management what I thought about life the universe and everything. After they left the remaining four of us had a meal, and more beer (except Anthony who was on orange juices), and let our hair down a bit.
Walked back to the hotel with Kevin and sat in the bar for a while - he still hasn't decided if he will move down here and we talked through some of the factors he's thinking about. I think he actually will move down but he needs to convince himself.
The hotel had replace my TV remote with a swish new one with a little instruction manual ... it still did not change the volume on the TV though ... ho hum.

Had strange disconnected dream images but nothing much I can remember now. Again sacrificed breakfast on the alter of sleep. Told reception that the TV remote didn't adjust the TV volume still.
At work I used up all my favours getting help to make a server and client talk to each other so we could do some testing on an application while a guy was on-site today. Eventually we managed it, but with so many problems that I was begining to doubt we ever would. The testing worked, sort of, after much "adjusting" but the database we have does not reflect reality too well so some additional testing may need to be done with a better database. A bit after lunch it was decided that I need to be on client site in London for the next two days. Phoned the hotel and discovered that I needed to get my stuff out the room soon or we'd be charged for the next night. When I went back to do that I discovered that the TV remote now adjusted the volume correctly
*but only after I'm leaving **bangs head on table** *
Back at work I did more worky things, then drove back to London which took about two and a half hours.
Bought bread and milk, fruit juice and other stuff, ate, sat down at the computer and answered e-mails and read LJ then started this epistle.

I think that will do for now :)
Take care everyone and have fun.

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