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Peter Sheil


Yesterday I went to Cardiff to see a different part of my company. A number of projects we support are moving from one site to there and most of the people who support them now do not want to move.

The office is situated in a business park outside Cardiff at St Mellons (no sniggering at the back please). The working area is a large open plan space with clusters of 4 desks huddled together - not much space each but the guy I might be working with was friendly and seemed keen to have me there. The house prices are a lot cheaper in the area, although I'd probably rent.

Chatting to the guys there it seems I will not be expected to take a pay cut or change my benefits package (some guys have had to take pay cuts to keep jobs) and there is the ossibiliy of getting some relocaton expenses. It all sounds good - I think I'll take it if it is offered. I'm just waiting to see if the management can get their act together and organise this to actually happen.

Note to self: Must remember to lock the pigs in tonight when I'm feeding them so they don't fly away before the morning.

I'll let you all know how it goes :)

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