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Peter Sheil

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Groan :) [Mar. 11th, 2003|09:33 am]
Peter Sheil
Harold is 82 and having some prostate problems. After examining
him, the doctor gives him a specimen jar and says "Take this
home with you, and try to produce a semen specimen. Stop by
tomorrow and drop it off so I can run a few tests."

Harold takes the jar and heads home. The next day Harold comes
in and asks to speak with the doctor. When he is taken into
the office, the doctor asks how he made out. "Not good, Doc."
Says Harold. "I went home and tried to do what you said. I
tried with my right hand 'til it was cramped from the arthritis
..no luck. I tried with my left hand, until I had blisters...
no luck. I asked my wife to help me out, so she tried with her
left hand and with her right hand.... no luck. She even tried
with her mouth. She tried with her teeth in, and she tried with
her teeth out.... no luck. Then we called Edna, next door, to
see if she could help...."

"Good Grief man!" exclaimed the doctor, "You asked your
neighbor to help you?"

"Yep." says Harold, "None of us could get the lid off that

From: wicketgate
2003-03-11 05:53 am (UTC)
*major groan* hehehehe :)
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