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Peter Sheil

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[Mar. 4th, 2003|10:07 am]
Peter Sheil
I received an e-mail at work with a random character string as the subject and he sender. I decided to open it ... heh the laptop only has to survive to the end of the month ;)

what I found was a nice pink scroll with some flying pigs (I kid you not) and a whole load of Chinese (?) characters. I passed this through babelfish and it came up with the following translation - I thought you'd like to see it :)

Chinese first net oneone.com.cn is in the world the most Yi Yong enterprise to the enterprise (B2B) the platform, inside sets at the global automatic quoted price system, comprehensively provides for the world only needs the sole company, then has supplies goods the business and the demand business status website. The enterprise only needs into the website member, comes from the different national demand inquiry quoted price then continuously; The member also passable system, proposes the demand quoted price, the information then transmits to your goal company in; Moreover Chinese first net oneone.com.cn is in sole possession of the information locking system, processes the world different supply and demand information for the member, makes the member not to be able because of the too many demands quoted price, but error customer. Free bestows 10000 Chinese first net official member from February 18th, but also examines not in a big hurry invites! Attention: We do not examine ask the member to carry on the strict examination, the enterprise member essential are the registration enterprises, otherwise to each pre- examination and approval.

So there you have it - just what we were all waiting for ... well maybe not today actually :)