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New Year Resolutions [Jan. 12th, 2003|12:22 am]
Peter Sheil

1. Spend more time on photography

I enjoy using my camera and someone did comment on some of my sky pictures that they were up to profesional standard, much to my surprise. I've got a couple of ideas for projects to do, if they get off the ground I'll let you know.

2. Update my web site more ofter

Well that's already slipping a bit :) I have ideas I want to do with it, I just need more time.

3. Spend more time on my religous side

I actually have a deep religous feeling, although not Christianity. This year I want to find a group I can work with to develop my understanding and improve my abilities. Hmmm probably said enough here.

4. Have sex with another person more often than by myself

This will probably end up as a celibate year :( or maybe fulled with pleasure ... time will tell.

5. Get my time management better

This relates to several of the other resolutions - if I can manage my time better I can achieve more. I get so frustrated when I don't achieve things I want to and mostly it's my own fault for not prioritising my time properly.

OK, that's all for now. Take care and have fun.