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Peter Sheil

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[Dec. 30th, 2002|12:22 am]
Peter Sheil
Not posted for a few days so here is a summary of my life: -

Thursday (Boxing Day)
Found a minor flood in my kitchen - tracked down source to flat above me - guy says he will fix it.
Ceiling is stained so will need repainting.
It seems he was the source of a previous flood which damaged my gas hob ignition system (cost over £80 to fix)
After mopping up and putting newspaper down in case it leaks again I went up to see my Mother-in-law
(up at Kidderminster)
Had a good time there - ate, exchanged presents, left card and gift for Kim, did some computer geeky things for them. Stayed the night there.

At mother-in-laws
Chatted about life the universe and marital relations
Left late afternoon, called in at my Mum's for a cup of tea then headed home.
Surfed 'till late (or early if you look at it from the other direction)

Lazy day sleeping and mooching
Bought a newspaper for Mum and a computer mag for me - actually read the mag! usually they just get to sit in a heap for ages.
More surfing but not so late.

Woken at 8 AM by phone - water leaking into Mum's house and dripping onto her pillow.
drove over - found leak and an overflowing bowl - emptied bowl and put bigger container under the leak in the loft, had coffee, woke up properly.
Drove down to Southampton intending to run but was too late to fit everything in so didn't :(
Found my present from Kim and some post
Had shower and got changed
Went round to some friends for a meal and lots of chatting
Drove back to Mum's to check on the leak but Mary, my sister, had already emptied the bigger container so all under control
Drove home, sortd some stuff, ironed a couple of work shirts, got a snack to eat, looked at the washing up and thought f*** it :) will do that another day
Read LJ friends and commented in a few journals
typed all this and chatted on Windows Messenger
Fell asleep ... well will soon :))

I'm working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday :( shame eh?
Right, have fun and chat latter