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Saturday's Entry [Jan. 7th, 2002|12:41 pm]
Peter Sheil
Bad Things Happen in Threes

Well hopefully that's true, and also hopefully it works for Kim and I as a single unit.

On Friday Kim discovered that someone had spent over GBP 1000 on her credit card on perfume, ... in Scotland! She spent a good part of the morning ringing people to cancel the card and make sure that any regular payments are transfered to one of my cards.

On Friday morning my car broke down on the M3. I spent most of the morning getting rescued, taken to a garage and then eventually getting a hire car. The replacement car is a Fiat Punto which is a tin can on wheels and it scrunches up my back! [Sorry ot all Punto drivers who love their car, but it just doesn't work for me]

On Friday a child opened a car door into Kim's car whilst we were parked at a service station on the way to Birmingham. The rear driver-side door is slightly bent and has a paint scratch. Since this is the first scratch on the car Kim is trying to get it repaired on the other car's insurance.

The rest of the weekend was OK!


[User Picture]From: petersheil
2002-01-16 06:28 am (UTC)


Will repeat today 16 Jan, about 8 PM GMT

Sorry not to have done so before, but wanted to get my own back problem sorted - didn't want to accidently send that to them :)
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[User Picture]From: mysticprincess
2002-01-16 07:59 am (UTC)


Thanks :-)
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[User Picture]From: petersheil
2002-01-16 03:12 pm (UTC)

A bit late

Did the energy transfer from 10.35 to 10.40 PM GMT in the order
Diana, Lynn then Marybeth
The last connection didn't want to break so I held it for about twice as long as the other two then had to squeeze it shut.

Hope they are all OK - no feelings of temperature from any of them but a mix of colour sensatons from Lynn.

Blessed Be
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