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Brilliant Pictures [Dec. 3rd, 2002|12:21 pm]
Peter Sheil
Saw a link to this site and it has some stunning pictures of London at dawn.


Pre New Year resolution
I am going to put "Taking Photographs" higher on my priority list.

[User Picture]From: angel2dy4
2002-12-03 06:28 am (UTC)


Those are really gorgeous! I knew there was more reason to why I have always wanted to visit England.....it WAS more than just listening to the "drive me crazy" accent! *smiles*

Ang =o)
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[User Picture]From: petersheil
2002-12-03 06:32 am (UTC)

Re: Wow.....

Well I'd be pleased to see you and family over here some time :)

To be fair to you though, London does not look like that most of the time. You have to get used to crowds if you want to get about London during the day.


[and as to that sexy draaaaaaawl ... come on over baby and seeeeee meee some timeeeeee]
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