Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

A poem for all computer users

from "The Boogie Woogie Beagle Boy from Company B"
by Les Barker

Auntie Beryl's New PC

Internal hard drive, strong to save,
Drive C or D, master or slave,
O keep our every gigabyte,
Our data safe both day and night;
Let all that is now always be
On Auntie Beryl's new PC.

O Lord forgive the helplessness
Of we who use Outlook Express;
O guard us with thy primal force
Against kakworm and Trojan horse
And keep our emails virus free
On Auntie Beryl's new PC.

O Bill! Whose voice the waters heard,
Who bid them Hush in MS Word,
Please keep us all, while we have breath,
Safe from thy blue screen of death
For we installed Windows XT
On Auntie Beryl's new PC.

O raise your voice in whirr or beep!
Say, art tou dead or dost thou sleep?
I press control, alt and delete
Though all my work is incomplete
And gone into eternity
In Auntie Beryl's new PC.

Internal hard drive, where art thou?
The file I had is not there now.
the seed I've sown, I shall not reap;
(A)bort / (R)etry / (B)reak down and weep.
A thousand million curses be
On Auntie Beryl's new PC.

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Les is touring in USA and New Zealand early next year - check out his web site and go and see him live if you can. Say Peter sent you - or if he looks confused say that I'm a lonely little lemming and he'll recognise me :)

Blessed Be


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