Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

A joke for my American readers

George Bush was out jogging one morning when he came across a
little boy sitting on the White House lawn with a box full
of newborn puppies.

He was mesmerized by the cute little puppies and when the
little boy said, "You should take one, they're Republican

George replied, "Well, that's just great, maybe I will."

The next day, he takes Dick Cheney jogging with him. "Dick,
you gotta come with me, there's something I have to show you."

As they approach the boy with the box, the boy says, "Would
either of you like a puppy? They're Democrat puppies."

A puzzled George asks, "But didn't you tell me just yesterday
that they were Republican puppies?"

The boy replied, "Yes, but that was before their eyes opened."

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