Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil


The Lord of the manor had a butler named Wibble. One day he
called Wibble and said, "What about running my bath, Wibble?"

"Certainly, Sir," replied Wibble. "Will there be anything else
my lord?"

"Yes, Wibble, what about my dressing gown."

"Certainly, Sir. Will there be anything else my lord?"

"Yes, Wibble, what about my carpet slippers."

"Certainly, Sir, will there be anything else my lord?"

"No, Wibble. If I require anything else I shall call you."

With that, the old lord lowered himself into the water and let
go a long, loud fart. Five minutes later, Wibble returned with
a hot water bottle on a silver tray.

"Here you are, my lord, your hot water bottle."

"I never asked for that," said his lordship.

Wibble replied, "But you did, my lord. As you lowered yourself
into the bath, I distinctly heard you say,

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