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Peter Sheil

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Hi there [Oct. 20th, 2002|05:55 pm]
Peter Sheil
Yes, I am still around - even if not posting.

Friday was hectic at work ... don't ask! ... and Monday will be only a little better I think.

I'm recovering from Morris Dancing at a brickworks - they are rebuilding it and have steam engines and stuff on their open days and we are the "entertainment" - they must be desperate :) Any way off now to wedge some kitchen paper under a sleeping cat so that when she dribbles it doesn't go on the chair.

Catch you all sometime.

[User Picture]From: petersheil
2002-10-21 12:02 am (UTC)


Traditional English dancing. We wear rag coats over white shirts and black trousers. You can see examples if you look at some of the pictures at www.blodtandsmidigt.com amongst other fine web sites.

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[User Picture]From: roxy641
2002-10-21 04:56 pm (UTC)

lj again!

Hi Peter,

I just check the lj meet up list just now because smithi told me he might not be able to make it. So we are down to 3 people. And both you and elfgeek told me you'd be going, but there wasn't a "Y" by your name. Could you confirm to lj. ;-)

Thanks. And see you tomorrow.

Roxy641 (co-host of London lj meet up)
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