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Poll results

You are either with us or against us.

A few days ago I did a poll here to see what people thought about the possibility of war with Iraq.

Thank you to all who took part in the poll and the subsequent discussion. I am summarising the results of the poll and responding to some of the comments left to the last question in the poll. Please feel free to reply or carry on the discussion here if you want to. If you didn't take part in the poll you can still do so if you want to - just go here.

How did you respond?

Was America right to attack Afghanistan?
Yes, definitely 8 (21.1%)
Probably 4 (10.5%)
Maybe 6 (15.8%)
Probably not 11 (28.9%)
Definitely not 9 (23.7%)
Is it possible to disagree with America and still not support terrorism?
Yes 35 (89.7%)
No 2 (5.1%)
Don't know 2 (5.1%)
Should America attack Iraq?
Yes definitely 2 (5.3%)
Probably 1 (2.6%)
Maybe 3 (7.9%)
Probably not 5 (13.2%)
Definitely not 10 (26.3%)
Only with a UN mandate 14 (36.8%)
Only after disclosing proof of the threat 13 (34.2%)
Only after an actual attack against US or allies 9 (23.7%)

What do you think about the threat of war?
If I disagree with your view please don't feel that I'm attacking you personally. You have a right to rely, of course. Sometimes I'm just putting my own (incomplete) thoughts down to help me understand either the situation or your own view.

mysticprincess -- I don't believe in vengence and have never supported war by anyone, but I do believe in self-defense, and striking first, though sometimes defensive, is not self-defense in my book
There is a fine line between self defence and waiting for an attack. What is a sign of getting prepared to attack? If we wait to be attacked by biological weapons will we be able to deal with the situation without large loss of life?

narenek -- War is not a political tool.
Hmmm ... well it shouldn't be but it is used that way by many countries or organisations. Sometimes it is "justified" if it is freedom fighters against a repressive state, sometimes not when it is terrorists against authority. The trouble is that the distnction between those two situations depends on your political view of the struggle.

hibernian -- Concern
but hopefully not too much. Your chance of actually being hurt by it is low.

psycho_boy -- A threat is merely what it is, harmless.
A loaded gun is harmless until someone pulls the trigger! Unless the theat is backed up by the belief that it will be carried out it is harmless. Do you think Saddam will "pull the trigger"? Past experience suggests he would.

arachne -- quite simply, I hate it.

icclerae -- I'm scared and disgusted at the way the US and UK governments have responded.
So how should they have responded?

blaisey -- Worrying, but its not crippling my daily life type of worry.

occipitaldruid -- I don't know what to think anymore. I don't think violence is going to end violence. But do the terrorists understand any other language? I don't like what my country is doing to the world, and I am very worried about going to war.
Thanks for your thoughtful contributions to the discussion.

conduit_ -- makes me moisten with anticipation
Is that a serious view? If so I find it worrying.

tashaa -- Parnoid Americans
Not just the Americans. Where I work I look out over a public car park. The other day a man walked in and left a large plastic bag leaning against a car then walked away. I took a good look at him and noted the number of the car and kept looking out the window. I few minutes later he came back with more bags and loaded up the car then drove off. Was I worrying needlessly that it might have been a bomb? Well in this case yes. But I do work near a big miltary base, so noting stuff like that could save my life one day.

thekillerinme -- It makes me almost want to cry that people view a whole life, a whole million lives so worthless.
Yes, I agree

fantasyman -- I am not sure if there will be much more than a bombing campaign and perhaps support for a revolution in the medium term.
Is that what we should be doing? Personally I admit to not knowing what we should be doing.

juamei -- I think its gonna happen whatever. Bush is a puppet and we will all die soon.
Even if the "worst" happens I don't believe we will all die.

bekkypk -- It's scary, what with all these nucler and biological weapons we keep hearing about.
Yes, but try and keep it in perspective - there is actually a low chance of it hurting you personally, I believe.

adrinna -- HA!

randomvampire -- Diplomacy is the art of speaking softly whilst wielding a big stick. Talking hasn't worked so far, war is the stick.
Yes, but when do we stop talking and start fighting? That's the hard part in my view.

sacredmandala -- I dont know enough about it ,so i dont want to say much ..I dont think wars solve anything
Yes, I agree they don't solve things but sometimes they stop something bad happening eg WW2

deunsander -- When the man who has the most power in the World has an IQ of under a hundred. It's time to start worrying...
Hopefully he has enough good advisors who can keep him straight. My biggest worry at the time of the attack was that America would have an immediate nuclear response - now that would have got messy.

flashqz -- These days, war isn't something that's fought away from the home front. Declaring war means declaring innocent deaths, on at least one side. Not on.
I think sometimes you have to accept some deaths to prevent more deaths later. It is a tough call sometimes and I believe that everyone has to decide this sort of thing for themselves.

wicket2001 -- I'm fucking scared.
Try not to worry too much - the chance of it actually hurting you is low, in my view.

sisterpsychosis -- Scares the tits off me.
See above

nightvixen -- I agree with NZ goverment. We need more proof and Bush needs to settle down he seems War mad at the moment
Sounds like a very sensible view - how come you get a government like that and we get Blair and Bush?

sallycinnamon -- it's all a fucking nightmare. I wish Tony blair wasn't such a fucking arse licker.I wish I was not expected to be held accountable for my government's actions
I don't think any sensible person will actually blame the general population for the actions of their country's leaders.

Any comments? Over to you.

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