Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Quotes of the day

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
Lenin (1870 - 1924)
Do you think President Bush has heard that one?

I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it.
Mae West (1892 - 1980)
:) I couldn't resist this quote.

I do not have a psychiatrist and I do not want one, for the simple reason that if he listened to me long enough, he might become disturbed.
James Thurber (1894 - 1961), "Carpe Noctem, If You Can", in "Credos and Curios" (1962)

A poem is never finished, only abandoned.
Paul Valery (1871 - 1945)
A love, once given, remains forever.
Though it may seem abandoned there is a glimmer that lives on
despite everything - that hope, that spark of humanty, drives us on
to ... to where? ... who knows. Time alone can tell.

looks like the quotes and the emotional bits got mixed up today.
*big sigh*

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    Just popping in to delete spam posts ... this is the only reason I come here nowadays. Peace peter

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    Nothing great or surprising, just a note to say I'm alive and far more likely to be found on facebook. Peace peter

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    For the record, you can find me on facebook ... I only pop back here to delete spam from old posts :) Peace peter

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